I didn’t think I was tough enough for high school football.  I was just 16 and a sophomore.  The seniors were so much bigger.  To tell the truth I was scared.  I thought those guys would kill me.  But I knew I had no choice. 

       That morning at breakfast my Mom had said, “Craig, I see in the school bulletin that this is the day to sign up for the football team.” She was divorced, of course.  She just harassed my Dad too much.  Never said anything but what was wrong with him.  Always calling him a sissy.  Finally he said “Fuck it” and left.  That was six months ago.

       “Mom, I’m too little, please don’t make me.”

       “Nobody should make you do anything ever.  You are your own man. You are 16. You make your own decisions.

If you don’t, you are a pussy.”

       “Okay.  Great.  I’m not going out.”

       “Any son of mine not tough enough to go out for the team. Not brave enough to stand up for himself against other tough guys is a real pussy.”

       “So if I don’t go out, I’m a pussy.”

       “There you go.”

       “Okay.  Okay.” So I signed up.

       It was just as bad as I thought. Burley guys throwing themselves at me and kicking the living shit out of me.  But somewhere in the middle of that first practice, I got pissed.   I knew then I didn’t have to put up with it.  On the next play I put some lumber on a half back coming around the end and laid him out flat. I got up feeling good.  And that’s the way it went the rest of practice.  At the end the coach said, “Good work Craig.  Keep it up and you’ll make the team.”

       They were doing work on the locker room so we had to go home in out uniforms and shower up when we got there.  When I opened the front door I could see Mom was excited. “Craig you’re all dirty, you’re bloody from your nose, you look really beat up.  In fact, you look like a real man.”

       “Mom, I have to shower up but I’m so exhausted I don’t think I can pull off my uniform.”

       “Tell you what, I’m so proud of you. For being a man, for standing up for yourself, I am going to help you take a shower.”

       “Help me? What are you talking about?’

       “What’s the big deal? I’ve been helping you take baths your whole life.  There’s nothing to be ashamed of,

it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”

       “Mom, the last time you gave me a bath I was 5 years old.”

       “So. It’s still the same thing. Let’s get into the bathroom.”

       Once there Mom started pulling me clothes off.  First the jersey, then the shoulder pads. “My God,” mom said. “These things are soaked with sweat.  No wonder you smell like a man. Soon she had my shoes and pants off and then I was down to just my jock strap.  “Let me start running the hot water,” she said.  And then, “Perfect. Now you can get in.”

       I started to put my foot over the edge of the tub. “Wait a minute,” she said.  “You can’t shower wearing that thing.”  Then she stuck her thumbs in the elastic sides of my jock and lowered it.  I was completely exposed. My dong just hung there like a dangling sausage.  I was humiliated, but as I started to cover myself with my hands Mom batted them away. 

       “None of that stuff. No reason to be shy.  I’m your mother. You’ve got nothing to hide from me.  Now just relax and get fully soaked in the hot water.”

       I did as she said, and the hot water pounding on my face and chest felt great after the beating I had taken out on the field.  At one point I saw Mom from where the curtain opened at the edge of the tub enclosure.  There was a lot of spray shooting out and her blond hair was getting pretty wet and sticking to the sides and back of her head.  The spray had also thoroughly dampened her blouse so it was clinging tightly to her plump, full breasts.  Her nipples were so hard against it I knew she couldn’t be wearing a bra.  She actually looked really good for the first time in months and the big smile she directed at me let me know she was really happy.

       “Okay, Buster, time to soap up and get that dirt and sweat off you.”  She pulled open the curtain and I did my best to keep the spray on my back away from her.  But it was useless. She was getting soaked.  She got the cake of soap in her hands and started to work up suds.  Then she put both hands on one of my legs and started running them up and down.  It was feeling pretty good but unfortunately  my dick began to get stimulated.  I was trying not to give in but it just kept coming up.  By now she was working on my other leg and then she brushed her hands against my balls.  She stopped to re-suds and then she put her foamy hands on the shaft of my dick and started stroking gently up and down.

       I looked down and saw that her wet blouse had fallen away from her chest.  And there they were.  Those big. wonderful soft titties.  They were gently bouncing up and down with her movement.  She seemed to be breathing heavily.  By now I had a full-on boner and she showed no sign of wanting to stop stroking.

       “Mom, I think you better stop.  This is getting kind of embarrassing.”

       “But son, I have to get you clean, don’t I?”

       “Mom you keep it up, I’m going to make a mess.  I can’t help it.”

       “Don’t worry about that.  It’s perfectly normal for a boy your age.” So she just kept running her squishy, soapy hands up and down my boner.  Pretty soon it felt so good I had no choice but to go with it.  All of a sudden I felt a boiling in my balls and then an eruption. Next thing my dick was jumping up and down and I was moaning out of control.  Then it came.  The explosion of hot cum.  Shot after shot and all of it went directly on mom’s face. There was steaming white glop hanging off her nose, her ears and especially her lips. 

       “Oh God, Mom, I am so ashamed.  Look what I did.  I didn’t mean to, but I couldn’t help myself.

       “That’s okay son.  It’s fine.  It’s what’s supposed to happen.  And I’ll tell you something else.  It tastes so darn good.” With that she started gathering the glops of hot cum on her face with her hand and licking up every drop with her soft wet tongue.

       I suddenly realized that there was more to this than Mom just giving me a bath after football practice.  She clearly loved my dick and couldn’t get enough of it.  No reason for any embarrassment of shame on my part.

       “Mom,” I said, you were nice enough to give me a bath.  I think I should now give you one.”

       “But son, I have all my clothes on.”

       “That makes no difference, just kick your shoes off and step right in.”  By now she was my slave and ready to do anything I told her.  Once she was in the tub I adjusted the shower head so it was aimed directly at her chest.  I had just cum but those plump titties looked so good through her now completely soaking transparent blouse.  I got down on my knees in front of her.

       As I unbuttoned her blouse I said, “No way I can give a beautiful girl a bath with all these clothes on, so I’m going to help you get them off.”

       She was moaning quietly. “Craig, this can’t be right, but I want it so much.”  First I slid her blouse off her round full arms.  Those titties were just irresistible.  My mouth and tongue surrounded the nipples and licked them into a firmness of wonton sexual desire.  At the same time my fingers found the closure and zipper of her skirt at the back. With complete assurance I opened them in spite of the shower water pounding her gently rounded stomach.  Now the garment was at her feet.  I threw it out of the tub and looked lovingly at the only thing left she had on: Her silk bikini panties.  There were tufts of black hair bursting out the top and both legs of the panties.  (So much for being a natural blond!)

       I loved the look of those soaking wet panties and the way you could see all that curly black hair right through them.  Damn! It had only been about ten minutes since I blew a huge load all over her face and I was already springing another huge boner.

       Her panties were now cascading a Niagra of water down her smooth generous thighs and she slowly thrust the center of her panties towards my mouth.  I opened wide and wrapped my lips around the sweet welcoming pussy that was just a silky film away.

       “This is ridiculous,” she said, and with that she bent over and yanked her panties to her ankles and kicked them away.  Now she was totally naked.  So was I.  She put her hands behind my head and pulled me into her succulent pussy lips.  “Suck me Big Boy, eat me, tongue lash my clit till I hot squirt and orgasm all over your face.  I grabbed her fat smooth ass and thrust her pussy into my face.  Slurping, licking and then thrusting my fingers up her cunt and then her asshole.  Suddenly an avalanche of water all over my face and screams of ecstasy filled the bathroom.

       She then slid down to the bottom of the tub and Used her warm arms to pull me down there on top of her.  The big welcoming titties squashed against my chest and the soft wet kisses all over my mouth were an assurance I had made her happy.

       “But Mom,” I said.  There’s still a problem.

       “What could that be?”

       “We still haven’t fucked.”

       She spread her legs wide under me while the hot shower spray continued to beat gently on my ass she looked up at me sweetly and said “stick it in me Big Boy and drive that massive dick all the way to the bottom of my hot wet pussy.” Then she put her mouth on mine and ran her tongue lightly around mine.” Obviously my problem was not going to be a problem for long.


My First Date


                    MY FIRST DATE. WITH MOM.

Mom could always spot my moods.  Maybe it’s obvious with 16 year olds like me.  Anyway I guess she spotted me kind of mopping around for a couple of weeks.

       “I don’t like to interfere with your life,” she said one afternoon when I cam home from school, “But you seem upset.  What’s up?”

       “Nothing.  Anyway nothing I can talk to you about.”

       “Listen, ever since your Dad left, I’m all you’ve got, so if you can’t talk to me, you can’t talk to anyone.”

       It was just too embarrassing.  For one thing, Mom was really sexy looking: Blue eyes, always smiling, a tussle of thick blond hair. I tried hard to not notice her body.  The only thing harder was the boner I sprung whenever I did look at her. So like she was okay for math problems and other school stuff, but now my problem was girls, so how could I talk to her.  She’d just think I was a wimp or something.

       She charged right in as always. “I can tell from looking at you that the problem is girls, right? You can’t hide anything from me Johnnie Boy.  So don’t even try.  Let’s have it.”

       “No.  It’s too embarrassing.  You’d think I was an idiot.

       “That’s it.  Now you have to tell me.”

       “Promise you won’t laugh.”

       “Please Johnnie, I’m on your side no matter what.  You know that.”

       “Okay. I’ll try.  So … you know how all the guys take their dates to the Movies on Saturday night?” Mom nodded.

“Well everybody wants to get some action – I guess you know what I mean?”  Again Mom nodded, this time with a look that said ‘you think I’m a moron or something?’ “So here’s the hard part.  I mean I can kiss a girl and you know make out, but that’s as far as I get.”

       “So what’s the problem?”

       “All the other guys go a lot further. They all, um, this is really embarrassing, um, you know, get inside the girl’s blouse, and a lot of them even get the girl’s bra off.”

       “How about you? Have you tried.”

       “Of course I tried.  But it never works.  I just don’t know how to do it.”

       “Okay. Now I understand, and I guess I’m willing to help you, but only if you promise to do exactly what I tell you and no embarrassment about it just because I happen to be your Mom.”

       “Okay, I promise. 

       “Also this is pretty intimate stuff, so you have the remember this is just practice.  No getting excited or anything – promise.”

       “Jeeze. Okay I promise.”

       Mom went upstairs and was back almost immediately.  She was carrying one of her low cut, lacy bras. “Pay attention Johnnie, this is a bra and your challenge is to get it off, right?”  I nodded. “One way - you could take the shoulder straps down the arms and lower it from the front, but that’s not great.  Too uncomfortable for a girl.  The best way is to release the hooks on the back so the bra comes completely off.  It’s liberating. That way you can fully enjoy the sweetness of her soft breasts and maybe even lift her blouse to kiss them and softly suck on her nipples.”

       I suddenly felt an expansion in my cock.  When I straightened my jeans to give it room Mom couldn’t help but notice.  Fortunately she didn’t say anything.

       She showed me how a girl hooks the fittings to put the bra on and how it is unhooked to take it off. Then she put the bra around the back of a wooden chair and held it firmly so I could practice removing it.  I couldn’t get anywhere without using two hands.  “No, Johnnie, you’ll never get anywhere unless you can get the bra off with one hand, plus you have to do it without looking.”

       Then Mom had me change with her so I held the front of the bra to make the back tight on the chair.  Mom looked at me with wide smiling eyes, then she popped each hook with a quick, deft motion her thumb and fore finger.  “Wow, that is great!” I said.  “I wish I could do it like you.”

       “You can,” she said.  Let’s do it together.  I’ll hold the front of the bra and you come round to the back with me.  First put your fingers on the bottom hook.” When I did as she said she put her hand on mine to guide it.  For the first time I noticed the bra’s label: 36 D. By this time we were really close and one of those 36 D’s was pressed deep into my arm. I tried to work on opening the bra some more but I just couldn’t get the hang of  it. I kept thinking about Mom’s big titties and by now I had a huge boner problem.

       “Tell you what,” said Mom, “Let’s make this a Reality Show. We’ll set up just like in the movie theater, we’ll sit on the couch and turn on the TV.  You’ll do better if it’s just like a Saturday night at the movies with a pretty girl for a date.”

       I turned on the TV  and sat on the couch first and then she sat and pressed her hip close to mine. “Now remember,” she said. Like I told you before, this is strictly educational, so don’t get any ideas.  I am your Mom first and foremost. Okay, now let’s start.  Begin by putting your arm behind my head and let it rest on my other shoulder.  That will make me turn to look at you.  When I do, you move into a kiss.”

       “You want me to kiss you?”

       “If we’re going to do a Reality Show, we have to do reality.  This won’t work otherwise.”  She opened her mouth, she arched her tits up into my chest. She put both hands behind my head and fondled my neck.  She pulled me into her lips.  So soft, so sweet.  Her tongue moved in my mouth like a butterfly in a meadow.

       “Okay,” she whispered in my ear.  “I’m ready.” Her tongue had moved to my ear and was slip-sliding around it like a snake. “Make your move.” She hissed softly. I crushed those big soft milkers into my chest so I could drop my other hand to the base of her back.  She was wearing a tight cashmere sweater and jeans.  There was just enough room to stick my hand inside her sweater and slide it up.  As I reached the bottom of her bra I French kissed her again.”

       I approached the first clip like a bank robber working a safe.  I had to be deft; I had to be fast. Click!  - I released the first hook. Cick! The second.  Click! The third. And finally … click! The fourth.  The bra parted. For the first time I could feel all the skin on her back from the bottom of the neck to the top of her ass.  She was kissing me as if she had no idea of what had happened.

       “Okay,” I said.  “Mission accomplished.  I did it.  I got your bra off.  How was I? What do you think?”

       “Well that’s good, but why did you do it?”

       “ Um, so I can do it on a girl the next time I get an opportunity.”

       “Oh, I thought you did it so you could feel my beautiful big titties.  So you could lick them and suck on the nipples.”

       “For real?”

       “You got the bra off.  You earned it.”

       I smothered her lips with another soft wet deep kiss.  Now I slowly pulled the bottom of her cashmere sweater away from her stomach and began lifting it.  My mouth found its way to her titties and I kissed them through the cashmere.  By now my boner was bursting the seems of my pants. 

       The sweater was just too tight.  I could not get it over the top of those bodacious melons.  She said, “You’ve been so good Johnnie, I’m going to help you out.” With that she leaned forward, arched her back and pulled that baby blue cashmere right over her head.  The now limp bra came right along with it.  She truned to face me directly. “So here they are.  How do you like them?”

       “Oh Mom, those are the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.  So big, so pert.  And look at them.  They’re positively quivering with excitement. Can I really kiss them.”

       “If you got to ask, the answer is no.”

       “Okay.  I take back the question.”  With that I dove face first into the warmest, yummiest treat a boy ever enjoyed. I was kissing, and licking, and sucking my heart out when all of a sudden I felt something even wilder.  Mom’s hand was sliding gently on top of my jeans – right over my rock hard dick.

       “Now wait just a minute,” she said.  Is that a stiff dick you have in there?  It is isn’t it?  You stand up right now.”

         I did as she asked.  I could never turn Mom down. “I told you when we started that this was only practice.  That you were just learning to do something.  Period.  You were not supposed to get sexually excited.  I’m your mother after all.”

       “I’m really sorry.  I didn’t mean to.  I don’t know what happened to me. I guess I just got overpowered by your beautiful titties Mom.”

       “Are you really and truly overpowered?  I think we better take a look.  Step right in here.”  Her legs were wide open and her tits were hanging there like two melons in a string bag.  I moved in.  she put her hands where my throbbing dick was aching with anticipation.  Then she gripped the zipper with one hand and slowly lowered it. Out flopped a rock hard 8” spike at a 45º angle.

       “Just as I suspected.  A boner.  Son you promised.  You should be ashamed of yourself. You look like you want to fuck me, your own mother.  I’m appalled.”

       “But I couldn’t help it.  Don’t blame me.  Mom, those big titties are just so nice, and you know it too.”

       “All right. I forgive you, but that’s it. We better go upstairs and compose ourselves.”

       “Just a minute.  You accuse me of getting over excited, but what about you?”

         “What ever can you mean?  You have a very dirty mind young man.”

       “Okay, you opened my pants and took my big stiff dick out, so let’s see what’s in your pants. Fair is fair.”

       “Son I am astonished.  What are you implying?”

       “I’m not implying anything.  I want to see the evidence. I showed you, now you show me.


       “I’ll sit here in the couch and you stand in front of me.”

       She stood. “ No, please son, have mercy. Don’t!”

       I sat. “Shut up and get over here”

       Now she was wimpering and tears were coming down her cheeks.  As I lowered the zipper on her jeans she folded her arms over those magnificent titties.  I pulled her pants down to her knees and looked directly at her bright red silk bikini panties. I put my hand right on top of where they concealed her pussy.  The were totally soaking with hot uncontrolled pussy juice.  “I think the evidence requires I look a little further.”

       “No Son, please. Stop. This is so humiliating.”

       “Sorry Mom, but you asked for it.” With that I put my hands on the sides of her panties and tugged them down to her knees as well.  There was no denying it.  Her perfectly shaved cunt was glistening with sexual need.”

       “We both know what’s going on,” I said.  Why are we torturing each other.  We both need it.  And God, we need it so bad.” With that I put both hands around on her firm round ass and lifted her back to the couch. Her legs were spread.  I was on my knees.  Slowly and confidently I dropped my face into her welcoming pussy.”

       She swayed back and forth and moaned quietly and I tongue lashed her pussy top to bottom.  When I twirled my tongue around her clit.  She took her hands off her tits and grabbed my head.  “Oh God.  I needed this so bad for so long, I can’t last.  Stick two fingers up my cunt and one up my ass hole while you suck on my clit.  I did as I was told and suddenly the room was filled with screaming: “Yes! Yes! Yes! Suck my cunt big boy! Suck it! There it is.  I’m cooooooming!” And with that my mouth was flooded with a wave of hot pussy juice.”

       My dong was so hot I almost came right then.  Almost.  I let Mom lay there and rest. Her titties rising and falling with each breath.  Finally she came around and breathlessly said. “Is that it, or is there more?” I took her head in both my hands and placed it in front of my hard throbbing dick. “I guess I knew this would be coming up.  So you want the best blow job you’ll ever have in your entire life?”

       “That sounds fabulous, but I think later. I’m so excited now there’s only one thing that will truly satisfy me.”

       “I know what you mean, and I totally agree.  Let’s fuck.”

       She got her whole body up on the couch.  She spread her legs. She spread her arms. I dove once more into that wonderful pillow of her titties.  She caressed the back of my head. “Johnnie, you are such a good boy.” I moved up to her lips and as I did my dick just slid deep into her pussy as if it knew exactly where it was going.

       Humming and moaning we moved together.  “I’m so hot I can barely stand it.” I said.  “But I am determined to hang on till you cum again.  I want that wave of pussy juice all over my dick.”

       “Hot and horney as I am, you’re not going to have to wait long.  Oh Johnnie, you are so good. And that marlin spike of a dick is so manly.  Fuck me, just fuck me.  Oh God. Oh God. Oh Jesus. Here it comes.” With that her body jolted as if hit by electricity.  Then the scream. Then the wavy of hot pussy juice all over my dick.

       It was too much.  I couldn’t hold out any longer.  My balls started boiling.  The pressure built to a fever. The dam broke and like a river of lava cum started cascading down the inside of my dick.  When it hit the tip it was totally free.  Spurting out of control into her hot wet pussy.  Load after load.  We kissed fervently.         “You know what Johnnie?  I think that’s got to last us.”

       “Yeah, for at least an hour,” I said.     



Travels With Mom

…we were traveling to visit relatives in another state. I was in high school. We had sex previously, a few times, but not all the time. It was always on her terms. From my mother I learned that sex can be fun and funny and intensely passionate at the same time.

In the car, I would rub my mother’s neck and shoulders as she was driving. We were close and touchy long before we were ever sexual, and even after, we still kept the same warm intimate physical connection between us.

Sister/Sister And Guy Part 3

Sooo I ended up going to Chris’s party saturday and brought two of my friends with me: Casey and Liz. We got there early like I said in my prior update for the cookout part. We immediately started drinking and playing outside games (hillbilly golf and stuff like that). Chris was manning the grill.

I wrote about how Lindsey made a comment to one of the guys about Chris always checking me out. The rest of the outdoor time was fairly tame. By the time the sun set we were all fairly tipsy but no one was like crazy out of control hammered. Around 25 people probably showed up to the party max so it was a fairly small get together overall. Chris has two roommates that live with him (kind of three…there’s another guy that constantly crashes on the couch and will live there four days-weeks at a time, that’s neither here nor there but interesting). Each of them had several friends over.

Sister/Sister And Guy Part 2

So I wrote back on the weekend before Memorial day. I thought something big may happen memorial day weekend but unfortunately it kind of flamed out. I was supposed to go down to the lake with my sister and her bf (Lindsey and Chris if you don’t remember) and a few friends and stay a couple nights. Unfortunately it was really rainy in my part of the country and so we ended up not going.

We did have a family get together on Monday of that weekend though. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Chris. I kept looking at my sister to see if I could read any sort of knowing glances or any indication that Chris had talked to her about our conversation the week prior. I had these crazy butterflies whenever he and I were in the room together. I kept expecting him to corner me and ask when we were going to hook up. I have no idea what I would have said but I really thought he was going to make a move. But he never did. He acted like everything was normal. Like he had never told me he wanted to fuck me and that his gf/my sister said it was okay.

Sister/Sister and Guy Part 1

I’ve recently ended up in a very awkward situation regarding my sister (we’ll call her Lindsey) and her boyfriend (we’ll call him Chris) and I’m not sure exactly what to do. I’m not even 100% sure this belongs here but couldn’t think of a better place to put it.

My older sister has been with her boyfriend for four years (She’s 22, I’m 19) and the whole family loves him. Unfortunately I’ve always kind of loved him too but in a much much different way than our parents and other siblings kind of way. He’s a very good looking guy, has always been a little flirty with me (but always in a “hey look at me I’m chummy with the little sister I’m a good guy” kind of way).

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I sent a text to my daughter saying I’m going to tell her mother I caught her smoking unless she send me a picture of her naked, this is what I got!


I sent a text to my daughter saying I’m going to tell her mother I caught her smoking unless she send me a picture of her naked, this is what I got!

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